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[Server Mod] iSkin – Awesome Player Skins and Capes

Dependencies: Spout Spoutcraft What is iSkin? iSkin is a simple and elegant plugins which allows users to select custom skins and capes without having to go to minecraft.net.

With iSkin you can change either, your own skin/cape, another players skin/cape and even an entire permission groups skin/cape.

Currently there are 2 two ways to change a users/groups skin or cape: Commands GUI Features: Custom skins per-player and permission group Custom capes per-player and permission group Change skins in-game with commands Elegant and beautiful GUI for simply chaning of skins/capes Skins and capes stay on even when you logout and server restarts Support for minecraft.net skins so you can simply enter a players name instead of the entire URL Superperms support Commands: For a list of all the commands and how to use them please go to this page ==> here Permissions: iskin.

Skin= Allows the user to change skins via the GUI iskin.

Cape= Allows the user to change capes via the GUI..

Download link and info see this


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